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About Guinea Pig


Guinea can do Tricks too


Guinea Pigs are mammals which belong to the rodent family having large incisor teeth that are continually growing necessitating gnawing to prevent the teeth from overgrowing. The word 'rodent' is derived from the latin word 'rodere' which means 'to gnaw'.

Originate from South America (Guiana)

Belongs to the rodent family

Scientific name

Cavia porcellus

Gestation period

9 weeks (63 days)

Litter size

2 - 4

Birth weight

85 - 90g

Eyes open

At birth

Wean age

21 - 28 days


Male = 8 - 10 wks

Female = 4 - 5 wks

Adult weight

Male = 1000g

Female = 850g

Best age to breed

12 weeks

Retire from breeding

2 yrs

Life expectancy

4 - 7 yrs


Every 2 wks (duration 15 hrs)

Male = Boar

Female = cow

GP are social animals and they like to live in groups

1.There are 3 Major varieties of GP and 25 groups of colours

a. Short smooth coat

b. Harsh coated rosetted (Abyssinians)

c.Long haired silky coated...

like : Peruvians (Long silky hair), 

Sheltie (Hair growing back off its face 

in a long mane), 

Coronet (looks like sheltie but has a 

crest or rosette on the head)

GPs need vitamin C supplements, deficiency will results in illness or death





Sheba Mini Yak

Sheltie or Silkie