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Rabbit Info

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Gestation period

31 days

Name of young


Litter size

4 - 8

Male = Buck

Female = Doe

Birth weight


Eyes open

8 - 10 days

Wean age

42 - 56 days


Small breed = 90 days

Large breed = 120 days

Adult weight

1 - 9 kg

Best age to breed

Small breed = 120 days

Large breed = 300 days

Retire from breeding

Male = 3 - 4 yrs

Female = 2 - 3 yrs

Life expectancy

8 - 12  yrs


Male = Round genital opening

Female = Genital slit

Rabbit are clever pets. They can be trained to respond to name, do tricks and even toilet trained to pee and poo in a pee pan. This is a more achievable habit if 1 rabbit is kept per cage. 

A good set up of a rabbit cage will be : one third peepan and at least two third of the cage for it to move around and rest. 

It is not advisable to breed rabbits as their gestation period is only 1 month. You will end up  with having too many rabbits for you to cope.

Rabbits mark their territory by spraying urine, so it is best to just keep one rabbit per cage to prevent them from spraying urine. Another option would be sterilization.