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Our pets are always Clean, Healthy and Friendly

Syrian for Sale


11 yr anni


We sell  Locally bred Syrian only

We do not sell inbred pets

They are very healthy and friendly. 

Once tame they will remain tame forever.

Syrians can be peepan trained.

If you want quality, healthy and large 

Syrians, come check ours out.



We are changing our 
operating hours 
tue to sun 12pm to 8.00 pm


Check out our special package when purchasing our pets

Latest Acrylic Cage sold at our shop. This cage will prevent 
beddings from dropping out of the cage. It comes empty as 
shown in second photo, your can decorate it any way you 
want. You can also attached a computer fan for ventilation.


I usually advice customers not to breed syrian.

Our Syrian Hamster